School Board

The school administration team is assisted in its role by a School Board which offers advice in the development of policy, in strategic planning, in budgetary matters and any other matters that can be of benefit to the School Principal in his management of the school. 

The School Board operates according to the Bishop’s model for Catholic Schools in Queensland.

The aim of the Board is to develop policies to ensure that the school maintains the Catholic ethos, develops its pastoral and educational goals and is responsive to education reform and innovation.  The Board also oversees the strategic needs of the school.

Representatives of parents, staff and school administration team comprise the School Board.  Current Board Membership is:

  • Chair - Mr Anthony Polga
  • Parish Representative - Fr Sibi
  • Ex-officio Members - Principal – Greg Cameron.
  • Assistant Principal – Mr Darren Meinicke
  • Deputy Principal – Ms Elisa Rigano
  • School Finance Officer – Mrs Aimee Poveda-Prieto
  • Nominated Members -Mr Mark Paige, Mr Anthony Mottin, Mrs Kim Corica, Mrs Anne Loro, Mrs Ainsley Goodman


45 Gibson Street,
Ayr Qld 4807

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We are in week 10 of term 2
There are 11 weeks in Term 2