Parish Primary Schools

Burdekin Catholic High School is part of the Sacred Heart Parish of Ayr, which houses two primary schools within the parish boundaries.

St Francis School, Ayr

St Francis School opened in 1912 with just a handful of children and three Sisters of the Good Samaritan.  On this site at various times was a girls’ boarding school, a co-educational primary school, a secondary school for girls and a split campus regional primary school.  Today, the school has a population of around 270 students, and is the main feeder school for Burdekin Catholic High School.

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St Colman’s School, Home Hil

St Colman’s School was opened on the 7th April 1927 to provide primary Catholic education for the families of the Home Hill district.  The school was administered by the Sisters of Mercy until 1967, when it became a systematic school operated by the Townsville Catholic Education Office. St Colman’s is the main feeder school from Home Hill to Burdekin Catholic High School. 

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Bus Run

BCHS runs a bus from Home Hill to BCHS to assist students from Home Hill who wish to attend a Catholic High School.  The school bus picks up students from Home Hill in the morning and returns them to Home Hill in the afternoon.


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